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Several of Estonia’s largest, medium and small logistics companies have joined us. We welcome everyone to join.

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As of 2024, the list of ELFA’s members already includes 70 members, including 13 associate members. Various land, rail, sea and air transport and logistics companies have joined us.

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A total of 5972 employees work in ELFA’s member companies; this makes an average of 85 people per member company.

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The total turnover of ELFA’s members is approaching one billion.
Next year will be just as good

Member companies

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Estonian Logistics and Freight Forwarding Association

The founding meeting of Estonian Logistics and Freight Forwarding Association (ELFA) was held on December 6, 1994 in Tallinn. Currently, ELFA unites 70 companies engaged in international transport and freight forwarding or the provision of other logistics services.

ELFA is a volunteer association of legal persons engaged in international freight forwarding and the provision of logistics services. The objective of the organisation is to represent and protect the common professional interests of the members of ELFA, prevent unfair competition, and contribute to the development of legislation related to its area of activity and the distribution of all relevant information. In order to achieve the set objectives, ELFA organises sessions, prepares presentations, and co-operates with organisations and officials of Estonia and other countries. ELFA is a non-profit association.

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