ELFA is managed and represented by a management board of one to three members appointed by the supervisory board for two years.

From May 2022, the supervisory board of ELFA consists of the following eight members:

Chairman of the supervisory board: Toomas Orutar (Logistika Pluss OÜ)
Members of the supervisory board of ELFA: Andres Matkur – (ACE Logistics Estonia AS)
Remo Kirss – (DPD Eesti AS);
Joel Timm – (Balti Logistika AS);
Kristi Unt – ( AS Eesti Post / Omniva);
Meelike Paalberg – (Itella Estonia OÜ);
Janek Saareoks – (Schenker AS);
Mark Paves – (Smarten Logistics AS)
Member of the management board of ELFA: Herkki Kitsing