Intervjuu Andrei Arna, Foralstek OÜ juhatuse liikmega

  • Why did you decide to join ELEA?
    We would like to receive information regarding international forwarding and also about forwarding training programs. We would like to position ourselves as a reliable forwarder and carrier.
  • How has the COVID-19 crisis affected the development of Foralstek OÜ?
    The customers who were involved in catering have left, we started to use more freight transport platforms (see under transport). We are trying to expand our business in transport services.
  • Which changes in law have most influenced the business decisions?
    There have been no laws yet that would affect us, as the company is small.
  • Kas on mõni teema või valupunkt, mis vajaks logistika ja ekspedeerimise sektoris suuremat tähelepanu?
    Transpordi puudus.
  • What investments do you plan to make in the company over the next five years?
    We would like to increase our car fleet.

  • How do you assess the competitiveness of the Estonian companies at global markets?
    The Estonian companies are not competitors at the world market.
  • How do you assess the level of young people at the current labour market, the quality of education in the logistics and forwarding sector? For which positions are you currently looking as to labour?

    There are very few qualified freight forwarders at the labour market and a very low level of education in freight forwarding and transport sector. We are currently looking for an experienced freight forwarder.