Let’s talk together

  • We are the voice and the channel of communication between the sector’s companies and state institutions.
  • We organise pan-industry and cross-industry meetings. We are a cooperation platform for sub-sectors (a new initiative is the round table of companies in the courier sector, the round table of the competitiveness of the transport sector, air transport, etc.).
  • We take care to ensure that there is enough labour force in our sector (drivers, couriers, warehouse workers, forwarders, logisticians, etc.). We participate in the Ministry’s round table on migrant labour issues.
  • Mediation of various contacts and external connections for its members.
  • We organise information exchange with professional organisations in neighbouring countries.
  • Cooperation with various governmental and non-governmental organisations for the general development of Estonian transit.

We participate in various committees and working groups:

  • KN Transport and Logistics (participation in working groups for professional standards, in thesis defence committees)
  • ELFA’s representative in European Air Cargo Program Joint Council (EACP-JC), and in working groups (both Estonian and foreign FIATA working groups) and round tables.
  • ELFA representatives participate in the sustainability advisory board of Estonian Stockpiling Agency (ESPA) from 2022.