Why be an ELFA member?

Why join?

Current topics

Keeping members up to date with current affairs

Communication channel

We are the mouthpiece and communication channel of communication between the sector’s companies and state institutions.

Special prices

Certain members-only forms (e.g. FIATA forms) and documents at a special price for members

Member Events

Possibility to participate in events organised by the Association

Your voice is your power

The opportunity to contribute to the development of the logistics, forwarding and courier industries and the improvement of the operating conditions of the sector through various sections and working groups

Meetings throughout the year

We organise intra-industry and cross-industry meetings. We are a cooperation platform for sub-industries

We care about the labour force

We take care to ensure that there is enough labour force in our sector. We participate in various working groups and the Ministry’s round table on migrant labour issues.

Member events

Possibility to participate in member events organised by the Association

More about ELFA

ELFA (Estonian Logistics and Freight Forwarding Association) is a volunteer association (non-profit organisation) persons engaged in international freight forwarding and the provision of logistics services. The objective of the organisation is to represent and protect the common professional interests of the members of ELFA, prevent unfair competition, and contribute to the development of legislation related to its area of activity and the distribution of all relevant information.
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ELFA’s recent achievements

Under the pressure of ELFA and other business organisations, the state gave up on raising the excise duty on diesel fuel, natural gas and other fuels and electricity from May 1, 2022.

Membership fee & joining

Turnover Fee
Members with sales turnover up to EUR 1 mil. (incl.) 650 EUR
Members with sales turnover up to EUR 5 mil. (incl.) 900 EUR
Members with sales turnover up to EUR 10 mil. (incl.) 1500 EUR
Members with sales turnover up to EUR 20 mil. (incl.) 2200 EUR
Members with sales turnover over EUR 20 mil. 3500 EUR
ELFA membership fee for an associate member (does not provide logistics services) 650 EUR

Membership fee & joining

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