Handbooks about International logistics



ELFA is selling FIATA and his partners books, prints and handbooks about international logistics and freight forwarding. These prints are exclusive and not selling in book-stores in Estonia.

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  Price for ELFA members (EUR) Price for non-members(EUR)
In Estonian language    
Veose kinnitamise juhised, Tallinn 2002  6.00 7.00
In English language    
Transport Logistics: Past, Present and Predictions by Issa Baluch 58.00 71.00
The Law of Transport Operators by Jan Ramberg 45.00 58.00
The Law of Freight Forwarding by Prof. Emeritus Jan Ramberg (New Edition) 36.00 53.00
Legal Handbook on Forwarding (2nd Edition) by Peter Jones; 1993 7.00 10.00
Legal Handbook on Forwarding(4th Edition) by Peter F.M. Jones; 2008 38.00 45.00
NSAB 2000 General Conditions of the Nordic Association of Freight Forwarders, Commentary by Jan Ramberg, 2001 13.00 20.00
SLA – The Practitioner’s Guide: Seafreight Forwarding 58.00 71.00
SLA – The Practitioner’s Guide: Multimodal Tranport 52.00 64.00
SLA – The Practitioner’s Guide: Warehouse Practices 52.00 64.00
SLA – The Practitioner’s Guide: Airfreight Forwarding 58.00 71.00
FIATA prints:    
A FIATA Introduction to the Regulations for the safe Handling and Transport of Dangerous Goods 15.00 22.00
The Documents and Forms of FIATA 11.00 16.00
Glossarium – Transport and Forwarding Terms  11.00 16.00
Code of Abbreviations  8.00 11.00
Bar Coded Transport Label for Freight Forwarding 8.00 11.00
The Air Waybill recommended by FIATA for use by Freight Forwarders 8.00 11.00
Model Rules for Freight Forwarding Services  8.00 11.00