insures the civil liability of the freight forwarder in accordance with the general terms and conditions of ELEA. The damages caused by the fault of the freight forwarder (act or omission for which the freight forwarder is responsible) during the loss or transport of the goods shall be indemnified by the insurance company in accordance with the limits of international conventions.


insures goods carried from point A to point B. Cargo insurance indemnifies for damage related to cargo caused by robbery or theft, fire, natural disaster, traffic accident, loading accident, etc. Possible options: total risk insurance (ICC (A)) or insurance for these risks (ICCB, ICC (C)). Insurance coverage can be chosen for both individual cargo and the cargos declared during the year (framework policy).


insures against damage to property (e.g. goods in a warehouse, buildings, equipment) caused by: fire, lightning, explosion, storm, water, burglary, etc. The contractor may be the owner of the insured property, lessee, mortgagee or another legal representative.

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