Kehtna Kutsehariduskeskus

Vocational education in Kehtna dates back to 1925, when the Kehtna Higher School of Agricultural Work and Housekeeping for Girls was founded. Since June 2016, the school is called Kehtna Kutsehariduskeskus (Kehtna KHK, KKHK). Kehtna KHK is a state institution administered by the Ministry of Education and Research. The Kehtna KHK is the only school in Estonia that teaches mobile machinery technicians and surveying at secondary level. The school has the rights of a vocational examination center in six vocational fields.

Basic information about the company:

Member status Principal member
Date of joining 08.03.2023
Services Training and further training, Trainings/educational institutions
Phone 3724875246
Address Kooli 1, Raplamaa
Postal code 79001
Country Estonia